Helen Little

Helen has considerable experience in delivering compliance with environmental legislation. As a manager of a leading packaging waste compliance scheme she ensured the scheme’s compliance as well as that of the members and more recently as a consultant on behalf of a range of clients.

This has given Helen experience across most industrial, commercial and public sectors from SMEs to FTSE 100s. Helen has experienced the rapid growth in environmental legislation and has seen how it can affect all sectors in one way or another and can put a huge strain on the resources of small and medium size businesses.  She is therefore dedicated to supporting and finding solutions for those who need it in a timely and efficient manner.

BEFORE MyLegalTeam

  • Junior at a multidisciplinary consultancy
  • Co-ordinator and then Manager of Biffa’s Packaging Waste Compliance Scheme, Biffpack
  • Self Employed Consultant offering services on Producer Responsibility Legislation, such as Packaging and WEEE


After starting her working life in the waste industry Helen decided this was going to be the path to follow, the environment had captured her interest as teenager as well as some passion!  Helen joined Biffa’s compliance scheme, Biffpack in a co-ordinating role advising businesses, aiding their compliance and 8 years later Helen left Biffpack as Scheme Manager having delivered compliance for both the scheme and hundreds of businesses.  In 2006 Helen became a self-employed consultant, offering services to help businesses comply with Producer Responsibility legislation as well as offering support services to compliance schemes.


Helen has enjoyed being an expert in her field and has worked closely with Defra both through a secondment and as a self employed consultant.  Helen’s services have been employed by the UK’s largest packaging waste compliance scheme to audit their members, by a large packaging manufacturer and by a multi-national corporation to train and advise them.  However, without a doubt, being able to walk into a small firm of builders merchants, sit down and over a cup of coffee discover how their business works and in turn help them to make sense of the legislation they are faced with, brings most satisfaction.


  • Exceptional knowledge of the Packaging Waste Regulations
  • Knowledgeable on many aspects of wider environmental & waste legislation
  • Effective intermediary between the client and the regulator
  • Proficient in determining the obligations of businesses and providing correct & timely advice to meet compliance
  • Successfully implementing and running a quality assurance system
  • Providing in-house auditing and training

Helen’s qualifications include a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Management.