who we are

We are experienced professionals who believe that companies want external legal advisors to work with them and not for them to reach achievable solutions to the challenges that arise daily in business life. 

Whether you are a small business owner looking for support, a company needing back up for its existing in-house legal, secretarial or compliance team or an organisation looking to outsource corporate and contract administration and compliance functions – we will support the way you want to work.  We use electronic and paper-based research tools to ensure that services are up-to-date.

We want to be part of your team !

We aim to provide a service that is equivalent to the work of an in-house advisor at prices that are not equivalent to what you expect solicitors’ fees to be!  We are not a regulated firm of solicitors but:

  • we understand how important effective corporate and contract administration and compliance are to your business at a price which is manageable and certain and
  • the price you pay will be the price agreed between us

What is the definintion of an "in-house" role?

Many companies employ legal, administration or compliance advisors to work in-house.  The main characteristic of the in-house role is that the advisor is closely involved with his employer’s business.  This close involvement enables the advisor to develop detailed knowledge of all aspects of their employer’s business and provide support and advice that is in tune with the employer’s commercial and operational needs and limitations.  We will ask you to take the time to brief us on your business, your aspirations and your concerns so that we can support the way you like to work.